Diving New Zealand's First Marine Reserve!

Join us in our spectacular underwater world. The Goat Island Marine Reserve is the perfect example of New Zealands underwater world.
It is beautiful, full of life, and you get to explore with some incredibly friendly fish.
The reserve offers huge snappers!,Red Moki, Goat fish, Triple Fins, School fish such; as Parore, Kawhai, Sweep, Silver Drummers, Travelly, we have the largest crayfish, Octopuses, Stingrays, Eagle rays, and both dolphins and Orcas sometimes pop in and say hi.

Goat Islands Dive Sites:
ABC bay - Dive in a bay with Stingrays and Blue MoaMoa, dive over kelp forests and cliff sides.
Shag Rock - Dive around a big rock with swim through and a rock that is blooming with lives. Heaps of school fish and Octopus grotto.
Waterfall Reef - Dive in around a reef where you are surrounded by different fish. Lots of schools and Cray Fish.
Cave Entrances/Channel - Where you see the colors of Goat Island, you get to see cave walls covered in Anemones and Nudibranchs.
‚ÄčAll dives are conducted from the shore, within the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

NB: Not all dive spots are available at all times, both current and tides have to be right to enter some of them. Some of the dive spots also require a surface swim. If you want to do one in particular please contact us before booking.

This dive will show you how amazing marine reserves are for our oceans and really get you to appreciate our underwater world.

This Package include:

  • Dive instructor as a guide. All our guides are certified professional divers, with unique knowledge of the marine reserve and it´s residents. They will teach you about the reserve, the fish species you will encounter and make sure you are comfortable and safe for your dive.
  • 2 Dives or 1 Long dive. Since this is a shallow reserve we can stay down for longer. You get the option of going for 2 x 45 min dives or 1 x 1 1/2 hour long dive. If you wish to explorer out around the island and further out by the cave entrances we recommend doing a long one



$175 per person
$150 group price (2-8 people) Includes all gear
$110 if you have your own gear (just incl tanks and weight)
$85 if you have all your own gear.

Please enquire if you want any other day, minimum for another date is 2 divers.


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