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New Season - No traffic Light system

New Zealand have now moved on from the Traffic light system, there are therefor no restrictions. You can enter our shop as normal, and book as usual. The vaccine mandate for our tours are now also gone. 

Although we're moving away from the traffic light system we are still aware that COVID is out there and will keep parts of our COVID prevention plan active. 

  • You are more than welcome to wear a mask if you wan to. 

  • Hand Sanitizers are rapidly available throughout the Dive Centre

  • Extra Care of cleaning procedures are still in place

  • More frequent cleaning of touched surfaces

  • All staff are Vaccinated.

  • Staff will stay home if sick, or have any flu like symptoms 

  • Free COVID test available for all staff members, to get tested if having symptoms, or have been a close contact. 

Let's keep working together to keep COVID at bay, and fingers crossed for a COVID free season! 

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