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This year we are planning a trip to the Solomon Island's. 

Discover the beauty of this virtually untouched paradise, Where the tropical rain Forrest touches the sea. Its reefs are alive and teeming with life. 



During the second world war the Solomon Islands where seen as a vital strategic position that would lead forces to take control of the south pacific. The hope for the Japanese forces was to use the Solomons as to be able to then strike Australia and its supply lines to American forces to the west of the Solomon Island's.

Due to this, there is a multitude of wrecks to dive and explore. There are many fighter planes and ships sitting within a small boat ride from the Dive Centre. Perfect time to tick "plane wrecks" of the bucket list!


Diving In Munda, Solomon Islands


There are hundreds of amazing dive sites scattered around Munda. The coral reefs are healthy and free from bleaching. There are many sharks and rays frequent the reefs. It is also a macro paradise with tiny invertebrates everywhere. 


Along with the amazing reef diving, there are many WWII wrecks including several planes and some ships to explore. Many of these are in shallow depth making for easy diving and a long time to explore.


There are also cave dives around the islands, one of these cave dive you begin with a small walk into an island and enter the water through a small spring. After descending you dive through the cave before entering a large sea cave and exit out into a large drop off into the ocean. Dive filled with adrenaline! 

Head hunters


We'll also be visiting Skull Island!! The Island is preserved as a reminder of the Island's head hunter days. Hostile expeditions were mounted either against near-neighbours as revenge in local conflicts or against distant islands for a ritualised collection of trophy heads and slaves. You'll be exploring the skulls amongst the stunning tropical landscape! ​

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Trip Details


Departing 19th of June to Brisbane here we will be staying at the Ibis Hotel flying for the Solomons at 9am the following morning. 

We arrive at Munda get to the hotel and settle in. For those who are keen, we will be able to go for a dive that afternoon.

During our stay, we will be diving, diving and more diving. We will also be doing WWII site visits, Skull island visit and Fluresent night diving. 

We will be flying out of Munda and arriving at Auckland on the 27th of June.


How to get on board.



Come with us on an epic dive adventure with great people breath taking vistas. spaces are limited so be quick.

For more details please contact us and we will send you our information pack  

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