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Ocean Pier

Leigh Wharf Clean-up Day


Our initiative aims to gather volunteers from the local community to clean up the Leigh Wharf and coast line both underwater and on land. Removing debris and waste that pose a threat to marine life and ecosystems. This event not only helps in maintaining the beauty of our Moana but also raises awareness about the importance of sustainable practices for our planet’s health.

Children Cleaning Beach

Practical Details

  • 10 am Start - finish around 2 pm

  • Wear work clothes

  • We'll have different clean up teams divided into - Scuba Unit, Snorkellers, Freedivers and land cleaners. So bring the whole whanau!

  • Goat Island Dive will provide safety divers, land organizers, all equipment including scuba gear, skip bins and a whole lot of fun.

  • Local business have donated some amazing prizes for competitions and we'll make it a great day!

  • If you want to be part of the Scuba unit bring proof of Scuba certification.

Want to do more?

Your sponsorship would be incredible and valued! You can help by providing anything that might make this Clean up day become a bigger success! Example of things to help with essential resources such as skip bins, safety gear, prizes and refreshments for volunteers. Show that your company or you value our moana and teaching a younger generation how to care for our community. By partnering with us, you will not only demonstrate your company’s dedication to environmental stewardship but also gain valuable exposure within our community and beyond.

Beach Cleanup Volunteers
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Current Sponsors - you are Valued!

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Friendly team! - 09 422 6924 - 021 041 8525

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