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Goat Island

Weather Conditions

Keep up to date and don't get caught out again! Goat Island Dive & Snorkel provide weather updates and condition reports through our FACEBOOK page.

Stay tuned in to make sure you have the best conditions for maximum fun.

New Zealand's weather

Be prepared and understand what you can expect from New Zealand's very changeable weather– expect the unexpected! Weather systems such as cold fronts or tropical cyclones can quickly blow in, meaning conditions in the water often switch throughout the day.

We offer the best up to date weather reports for the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

How to keep up to date

During the summer season we post conditions report on our Facebook page every morning. We will give you info on the conditions for snorkeling and diving such as swell, tides, visibility etc. This gives you the best opportunity to dive in for an awesome day at one of Auckland's best beaches.

Please note this is just a moments' snapshot of the reserve! Before jumping in the water please take the time to watch the water and assess the conditions taking into consideration your own experience and capabilities. 



Snorkeling Goat Island is one of the top 10 things to do in Auckland

If you've never tried it before, or just want to learn some advanced techniques, join our team of passionate instructors for an adventure at Goat Island Marine Reserve!





Spend the day at the Goat Island Marine reserve. Full day snorkel and dive hire available



Stunning dive with this very friendly Sa


Your first breaths underwater, Guided Dive tours and dive training... We offer something for everyone!

Scuba diving at Goat Island Marine Reserve is one of the top things to do in Auckland!



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