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School Snorkel Conservation  Experience

Immerse your students in an inspiring, fun, and active School Snorkel Program that centers around the Environment, Marine Conservation, and Sustainability. This unforgettable experience promises to be a highlight of your school year.

Our team of professional instructors is dedicated to ensuring your students have a blast while staying safe throughout the journey. From exploring New Zealand's breathtaking Marine Life to fostering a deep appreciation for our precious ecosystems, this program offers an enriching and exciting adventure for all.

We are a fully Safety Audited & Certified – Adventure Mark/Work Safe – Company, providing a safety centered Guided Snorkel Program, with all RAMS & Safety Procedures provided.

This Experience informs and supports the NZ Learning Curriculum, with our unique knowledge of NZ´s Marine Reserve ecology and environment.


We can´t wait to take your students snorkeling in NZ´s first Marine Reserve!

There is no better educational adventure than this one!

  • Your students wear top quality equipment that is cleaned, checked and serviced on a daily basis. Warm, buoyant wetsuits for better protection - whatever the conditions!

  • We have emergency plans in place.

  • All staff are dive professionals

  • Brightly coloured neoprene hoods make for easy head counts to keep track of everyone.

  • Regulation standard dive flag and flotation devices are towed by Instructors at all times

  • Maximum 10:1 ratio of students to instructors (plus experienced adult supervision)

  • We have an oxygen kit and extensive First Aid supplies for the unlikely event of an accident.

Adventure Mark safety snorkel diving
Your group's snorkeling adventure begins here!

The students will learn about respecting our Ocean and its residents. They will develop skills, learn new knowledge and achieve appreciation of the ocean in just one day. 

The equipment

We'll kit the students up in our high quality gear, making sure they get the best fit to keep them warm and comfortable in the water. The students will learn to use new equipment that might be challenging for some, but through learning new skills and perseverance they will end up feeling rewarded and accomplished. 

The Marine Reserve

The students will learn about sustainability, why we should protect different habitats, and why we should make better choices for tomorrow. They'll learn about identifying fish and that some are not as scary as they seem.  

Safety in the water

One of our main priorities is that the students are safe and comfortable in the water - before we jump in we will explain how to look after each other and how to stay safe while we snorkel. This will teach the students risk management, risk awareness and how to look out for each other. 

The adventure!

After final checks on the beach, we head into the water and let another world takes us away. The students will get to see wild life such as Snapper, Eagle Rays, Mokies, schools of Sweep or Silver Drummer up close. They will see kelp forests and be blown away that this underwater world is just of our beach. 

School Bookings. Get Your info pack.

We are now taking bookings for the 2023/2024 season.

To get our information pack click here and we will email you our details

School snorkel experiance, Goat Island Marine Reserve

What the Students say

"My Favourite moment were when we saw the Eagle-Ray because I got to dive down to get closer and see the details on it back and how it swims across the Seafloor." - M

"Thank you from Ahuroa School for a fantastic day yesterday. The weather was perfect, vis was exceptional and while chilly in the water after a while the children loved their experience.
Thank you to your team for all the care that they took of our children, their attention to detail was exceptional."

Jessica - Teacher, Ahuroa School

"The students had an absolute blast and all of their comments on a post survey stated they had a fantastic time! Thank you for your very professional and organised instructors, we will absolutely be using you again next year :)"

Teacher- Howick School

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