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Guided Snorkel Tours

Snorkeling Goat Island is one of the top 10 things to do in Auckland
If you've never tried it before, or just want to learn some advanced techniques, join our team of passionate instructors for an adventure at Goat Island Marine Reserve!
Thanks for an awesome snorkel yesterday!

Get a close-up encounter with New Zealand's friendliest fish.

If you are not confident in the water or don't know how to swim, Don't panic! We offer a Guided Tour perfect for beginners. We will introduce you to your equipment and the underwater world. All this while learning to snorkel and swim in the ocean.

Perfect to people who are new to swimming.


Gain the confidence to explore, dive under the surface and learn new techniques, We will introduce you to the life in New Zealand's oldest marine reserve.


This is perfect for people who are confident in the water and want to be shown the best spots in the reserve and shown the amazing marine life. While with a dive professional. 

Snoprkel group.jpg

We are specialists in water safety education. We operate with internationally approved standards and have been teaching people of all levels. We provide knowledge about the marine environment, the importance of protecting Marine Reserves and being safe in the water. Our education is fun and you get to explore the best of New Zealand ocean. 

We offer two levels of snorkel tours in the goat island marine reserve. 

For people who are new to swimming, we offer a snorkel tour crossed with a lesson

The Beginner Guided Tour has been specially tailored for people who are new to swimming or being in the ocean. The hope for people taking part is to get their confidence up so they can explore on their own. We use special safety equipment to keep you afloat that allows you to move naturally in the water. The hope with this tour is to get people confident in the water and fall in love with our ocean.

If you are confident in the water and have been swimming in the ocean before then the

Advanced Snorkel Tour would be the best option for you. Even though you may have limited snorkel experience this tour will give you more confidence to explore our underwater environment.

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