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Dive Courses

Learning to dive is like discovering a hidden treasure chest of unforgettable experiences!

It's a life-changing journey that unveils a whole new world, both in stunning New Zealand and across the globe.

At Goat Island Dive & Snorkel, we're your diving dream-makers! We don't just provide top-notch training; we create an underwater wonderland where excitement never runs dry. Our team of dive pros are the superheroes of the sea, eager to share their wisdom.

Whether you're dipping your toes for a half-day try dive or diving deep into advanced specialties, we've got you covered.

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a dive pro, we have internships and block courses that'll turn your underwater passion into a career. Dive in with us – the ocean's waiting for your next adventure!

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Interested in trying diving for the first time?

Join us for a half day scuba dive, feel what its like to be weightless flying under the sea.


This globally recognized certification program is the best way to begin your lifelong adventures as a certified scuba diver.

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Continue your adventures and get the skills and experience you need to dive the world’s best dive sites, with SSI advanced.

"Amazing people and amazing stuff had a blast on my first ever dive, they where so calm and helpful for first timers. would love to go again me and my partner got a lot out of it. saw some cool fish and got some great tips that i never knew. best place to go if you want learn to dive."

- Tegz Diver -


Specialty courses are your ticket to becoming the ultimate diver! They offer unique skills and experiences, allowing you to dive deeper into your passion.

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It's your chance to learn lifesaving skills while having a blast. Get ready to be the dive world's guardian angel!

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Unleash your inner captain of the sea!  It's the ultimate adventure, where you'll lead, inspire, and dive like a boss.  Become a true master of the underwater realm!


Dive into a career where every day feels like a vacation! As an instructor, you'll be turning ocean lovers into certified divers and sharing your passion for the underwater world.

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