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Goat Island Marine Reserve  Te Hawere a maki

Diving New Zealand's First Marine Reserve!

Join us in Goat Island's spectacular underwater world. The Goat Island Marine Reserve is a great example of a healthy New Zealand marine environment; it is beautiful, full of life, and you get to explore with some incredibly friendly fish!

The reserve is home to huge snappers, red moki, goat-fish and triple fins, as well as schools of parore, kahawai, sweep, silver drummers, trevally.

And that's not all!

We also have crayfish, octopuses, stingrays, eagle rays... and if we're super lucky dolphins, seals and orca sometimes pop in and say hi!

Goat Island's Shore Dive Sites

ABC bay - Dive in a bay with stingrays and blue maomao, over kelp forests and along cliff sides.
Shag Rock - A large, lone rock surrounded by kelp that is a favourite with the fish, which makes it a definite favourite of ours!

Waterfall Reef - Off out at the southern side of the channel, lots of schools and crayfish.
Caves - Anenomes, nudibranchs and sponges... this is one for the invertebrate and macro specialists.

Yellow Sponge Garden - Adventure through large crevices covered in kelp, discover hidden crayfish, bigeye and tiny triple fins.

Eagle Ray Flats - Eagle rays bask on the sand, schools of fish hang out and feed in the currents while our famous snapper cruise around curiously.

​All dives are conducted from the shore, within the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

NB: Not all dive spots are available at all times, both current and tides have to be right to enter some of them. Some of the dive spots also require a surface swim. If you want to do one in particular please contact us before booking.

Your Guided Dive package includes:

  • Dive instructor/Divemaster as a guide. All our guides are certified professional divers, with unique knowledge of the marine reserve and its residents. They will teach you about the reserve, the fish species you will encounter and make sure you are comfortable and safe for your dive.

  • 1 Long dive. Since this is a shallow reserve we can stay underwater for longer. Its time to break you longest dive record! Our dives generally last at least 70 to 80 mins, dependent on individuals' air consumption! You will get to explore further out into the bay and see the true beauty this magical place has to offer.

Diving with rays on a guided dive tour goat island New Zealand
dive goat island auckland new zealand Goat Island Marine Reserve
Guided dive tours goat island  Auckland New Zealand Close up Eagle Ray

Not A certified diver?

Book your course today & become an

Open Water Diver

Just a few of the amazing fish that look forward to meeting on your guided dive tour!


For bookings with special requirements or alternative dates please click here.

  • The experience is subject to availability and a minimum of 2 persons.

  • Please let us decide if the weather conditions are suitable. We have 15 years experience with access to accurate weather forecasting information, we know when the diving is good!

  • We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellation for any reason.

  • NB!! THIS OPTION IS FOR CERTIFIED DIVERS ONLY (You must have your scuba diving certification through a recognized training agency (SSI, PADI, NAUI, BSAC, SDI, CMAS etc., minimum Scuba Diver/Open Water)

  • Please note there is a 2.5% transaction fee for online bookings, this will always be non refundable if there is a cancelation for any reason.

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