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Night Diving Goat Island

Night Diving is the activity for those who want to experience the ocean in a whole new light - it will be a night to remember! You will see the ocean transform and heaps of species not seen during day. We will show you the beauty our ocean offers at night, snorkeling with the fish under a star filled sky, watch the ocean sparkle with bio-luminescence and show them how the marine life changes at night. You´ll get to see big eyes coming out, crayfish wander on the sand, Stingrays being active, and see how a lot of our fish put on "pajamas". This is an activity few get to do and 

Practical information:
  • We meet at sunset (time will depend on when the sun is setting).

  • We provide torches for everyone.

  • Everyone will also get glow sticks (so your instructor can easily see you).

  • Bring towels and a warm change of clothes.

  • Please allow 3 for the activity.

This Package include:
  • Dive Professional as a guide. All our guides are certified professional divers, with unique knowledge of the marine reserve and it´s residents. They will teach you about the reserve, the fish species you will encounter and make sure you are comfortable and safe for your dive.

  • 1 Long Dive. Since this is a shallow reserve we can stay down for longer. You get to go for 1 x 70-90 min long dive. This gives you more time to explore the underwater world and go deeper into the reserve. 

  • Eco dive. You'll learn about the fish life and marine conservation.

  • All Gear is included. You´ll get a wetsuit suitable for the water temperature(7 mm, 5 mm or 3 mm), mask, snorkel, fins (with booties), BCD, regulator, torches, glow stick and the tank required for the dive.

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