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Specialty Programs

The Choice Is Yours
Continue Your Adventure

If diving is a sport that you rely want to immerse yourself in then it is time for you to continue your education.

Enrolling in a specialty course starting the theory is a great way to hone your skills and learn some new ones. Each Specialty Program will provide you with certain benefits and get you one step closer to your Ultimate Dive Experience.

Dive your way to become a......

Specialty Diver:

2 Specialties + 12 Dives

Advanced Open Water Diver:

4 Specialties + 24 Dives

Master Diver:

4 Specialties + Stress & Rescue + 50 Dives

Sign up and begin your theory today

The following specialty theory packs are available to be purchased online for you to read through and gain the knowledge prior to enrolling to complete the practical part of the course.

Once you have completed the theory and are keen for more then enroll in that specialty's course.

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