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Snorkeling The Goat Island Marine Reserve

One of the Top 10 places to visit near Auckland.

The Reserve is a fantastic place for the whole family, a stunning beach, coastal walks and amazing fun in the water. Snorkeling at Goat Island is like going back in time, it is untouched and teaming with life. The Marine Reserve supports a vast array of fish species with giant snapper (some over 60 years old!), sunbathing eagle rays warming in the shallows, large schools of smaller fish and ancient crayfish hiding in the rocks.

Snorkeling at Goat Island is a must do for any experience level; for those experiencing the water for the first time to seasoned divers, there is something for everyone!


Embark on a perfect snorkeling day with our sanitized, top-notch gear rentals—ensuring high-quality equipment for a comfortable and enjoyable underwater adventure.


Dive into a beginner-friendly ocean adventure! Learn to swim and snorkel with a qualified instructor by your side. Explore vibrant marine life at a comfortable, relaxed pace.


"Truly an amazing experience! Had a blast swimming around with underwater sealife and watching everything under the ocean with such clarity. Our instructor Camille was the best and made sure we had the best time!"

- Google Review -

Join us for an epic boat trip and dive around the Leigh coast.
You will be taken out shown the sights and get to snorkel this incredible part of New Zealand


Build water confidence, explore underwater depths, and learn freediving with our expert-led sessions—an epic adventure for those with good swimming ability.

Guided Snorkel Tour with _goatislanddive awesome way to get up close to the fish🐟🐠🐚_D #

We cater to school groups, work functions, and large gatherings, adhering to the highest safety standards audited by Adventure Mark and Work Safe New Zealand.

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