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Scuba Diving

At The Goat Island Marine Reserve

Dive into adventure with us! Whether you're taking your very first underwater breaths, joining our thrilling Guided Dive tours, or gearing up for dive training, we've got an ocean of experiences waiting for you.
Scuba diving at Goat Island Marine Reserve isn't just an activity; it's a must-do adventure in Auckland! Come make waves with us and discover the magic beneath the surface!
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Dive into Goat Island Marine Reserve with our guided dives. Explore vibrant marine life with expert guides for an unforgettable underwater experience.


Explore Goat Island hassle-free with our top-notch gear hire. Dive into the adventure with quality equipment for an enjoyable underwater experience.

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Interested in trying diving for the first time?

Join us for a half day scuba dive, feel what its like to be weightless flying under the sea.

Embark on guided boat dives to explore the outer expanse of Goat Island Marine Reserve with us. Led by expert guides, immerse yourself in the captivating marine life for an unforgettable and enriching underwater adventure.


If you haven't been diving for a while, or just need some extra time under the supervision of a Dive pro


Witness the marine reserve's captivating night-time transformation, where fish change colors and hidden species emerge under the moonlight!

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From Open Water to Instructor, plus exciting specialties – we've got your dive journey covered.

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Experience the thrill of guided boat dives with us. Explore underwater wonders led by our expert guides for an unforgettable diving adventure.

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