Freediving - Dry session

Our Normal Freediving course will be on offer again when Alert Levels Drop, in the mean time we offer Freediving - Dry Session. 

Want to hold your breath for longer? Now more than ever, it’s time to pause, breathe and reset your mental health. It has been proven that breath-hold training helps the body relax and minimize the effects of stress in our daily lives. Whether you’re a freediver or just generally curious on how to extend your breath-hold, our interactive Zoom sessions will help you hit your personal bests! Join our highly qualified freediving instructor in a program specifically designed to improve your skills and wellbeing. Sign up today! 


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When  4th November 

Time  6 PM – 8 PM 

Where  In your own house on Zoom! 

Price Only $20pp! 


How to sign up! 


Please email us at with your: 

  • Full Name 

  • Phone Number 


It’s that easy! We will send you an email with our details in order for you to transfer the participation fee. From there your instructor will send you the session specific Zoom code and Whallah! you’re good to go.