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Self Guided Boat Diving

Come for an epic adventure on Ocean Tales and make your own amazing stories to tell.


Are you a keen confident and experienced diver?

jump on our purpose built dive rib and come along for an epic adventure, diving some of the incredible sites along our coast.

Who can join.

If you are an advanced diver or have at least 25 logged dives, are confident with your navigation skills and are able to plan and conduct a safe dive plan.

About the sites.

We have a wide range of dive sites to suit everyone. From amazing wall dives with fans and anenomy to pinicals surrounded with life, shallow rocky reefs teaming with schools of fish to deep reefs with ancient sponges.

We will plan with the group fr the best sites on the day, we take into account the groups experience and confidence level and weather conditions for the day.

Kush dive boat.jpg
About our trips.

We will all meet at our dive center to sign in organize buddy teams (so don't worry if you don't have one we will pair you up with a buddy or team). We will set up our equipment, load it onto our dive boat Ocean Tales and conduct a safety briefing. We will then make our way down to the ocean.

We will make our way to the dive sate exploring our amazing coastline along the way. Once secured at the dive site the skipper will conduct a safety briefing with the group and help plan the dive. Then you are off to explore our magical underwater world and see for yourself why we love our ocean so much.

once everyone is back onboard we will proceed to the next dive site exploring as we go we may even get to stop off at a secluded beach and enjoying some light refreshments. After the second dive we will make our way back to shore and back to our dive center.

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