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The Atlas 62X scuba diving regulator is a combination of top Mares regulator technologies. 

The first stage with DFC ports guarantees high airflow at any depth. Pre-positioned ports allows for simplified assembly and the AST system keeps the first stage dry. The finish gives it a modern, attractive look. 

The all-metal second stage allows for dives in extremely cold waters. The large, pivoting purge button is perfect for use with thick gloves or dry gloves.

Technical features:

2nd Stage
• 'All Metal' technology for better performance, even in cold water
• Recommended for use in extreme cold water 
• VAD system for natural breathing at any depth
• High airflow
• A wide, pivoting purge button which is easy to use, even with thick gloves
• A lightweight Superflex hose to ensure comfort during use

1st Stage
• A DFC LP port for high airflow at any depth
• AST - Auto Sealing Technology for a dry first stage
• Pre-oriented LP and HP ports
• The most compact and lightweight Mares diaphragm 1st stage
• A pearl chrome finish


  • Material - All Metal Technology

    Finish - Pearl Chrome

    First stage - Balanced Diaphragm

    First stage weight INT - 742 g / 26.2 oz

    First stage weight DIN - 525 g / 18.5 oz

    Second stage weight - 306 g / 10.8 oz

    Total weight (g) INT - 1178 g / 41.5 oz

    Total weight DIN - 961 g / 33.9 oz

    High pressure ports - 2 HP 7/16” UNF Ports

    Low pressure ports - 4 LP 3/8” UNF Ports

    Hose type - Superflex Hose

    Hose length 75 cm

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