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We are all heading into difficult and unpredictable times. We are currently still staying open to the people who want to come snorkeling or diving, but should the situation escalate and there is no way we can keep our customers and staff safe, we will see no other way then to close. We will inform you as soon as possible should this occur. I want to reassure you of a couple of things, we are taking all possible extra safety measures to keep all our customers and staff as safe as we possibly can. We are staying up to date constantly since everything is changing so rapidly.

A few precautions:

  • Everything is getting disinfected - from pens, door handles, keyboards, EFTPOS machine

  • Everyone must disinfect before entry to the dive centre.

  • Everything that gets tried on - will be disinfected.

  • We have already been using hospital-grade sanitizers on all our equipment as part of or washing procedures.

  • No high fives 🙁 (this is a bummer, as we love our high fives!)

  • No handshake

  • No people who have arrived after Friday 14th of March – sorry you guys self-isolate for 14 days then come and see us

  • No travelling together in cars - *only relevant to guided dives and courses

  • Staff stay home if sick or any symptoms are noticed.

  • We will keep a good meter in between everyone.

  • IF YOU ARE SICK OR HAVE BEEN AROUND SICK PEOPLE, STAY HOME  We would love to see you, but let’s save it for another day!

  • No sharing equipment, even during training – we have changed our training SOP to reflect such and still be recognized by an international training agency.

  • WE will also be closed 2 days a week (Tuesday and Wednesday from now)

If you are booked in for an activity/course – and should this be cancelled due to the COVID-19 – of course no charge/fee will occur. We’re trying to keep as many things open as possible, for as long as we see it safe. Please do not hesitate to ask us should you have any questions, we are here to help and our main goal is to keep everyone safe and stop the spreading of this virus.

Thank you for reading, keep safe wash your hands and hopefully, we’ll kick this virus in its butt!

Kind Regards,

The Team at Goat Island Dive and Snorkel

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