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Easter Egg Fish! Who needs water to see fish?!

Happy Easter Everyone!

It is very weird not being open and in the water this Easter. To help us deal with diving withdraw we've done this Easter/diving related activity at home! This activity is a perfect arts and crafts session for the whole family! We had a go and hopefully you’ll try too! – Make EGG FISH :D

When we googled this, we found some AMAZING Egg fish (don't get confused with fish eggs) - I can't say our first attempt was mind-blowingly good, but would say you can at least tell they're fish! Can you see which fish we tried making?

Here's what you need:

  • Eggs (as many as you want)

  • Needle (or a sharp pick)

  • Paint (acrylic or water color or water based, anything you got :)

  • Hot glue gun - if you want to add fins (I do recommend hot glue as it dries a lot quicker)

  • Some string (thinner the better, even fish line works great!)

  • a place you can make messy! :)

First start off by “Blowing your eggs”. You need to get rid of the inside before decorating.

  1. Use a needle or a sharp object to prick a hole on the bottom and top of the egg. They must be big enough for the yolk of the egg to squeeze through. (*see picture)

  2. Once there is a hole on both sides of the egg, gently blow on the top hole to make it come out the bottom hole. Do this over a bowl.

  3. Save inside of eggs for Scrambled eggs for breakfast or lunch!

  4. Once egg is empty, rinse off in sink, you can fill the egg with water a shake it around. Careful not to break it.

  5. Leave to dry.


  1. Decorate your egg with paint, glue on things, or use your imagination.

  2. If you're using brown eggs not white, then you might want to prime you egg with white should you want to use lighter colors.

  3. If you want to add fins, cut them out of paper, and paint them the colour you want, let dry and glue them on.

  4. There's no right our wrong way to decorate so just go nuts!

When you've finished decorating glue on a string so you can hang them in your plant :)

Take a picture and show us! We love to see your best and worst! Use the #EGGFISH on Facebook or Instagram and we will share them!

A Few Tips on what to make:

  • Snapper

  • Would love to see a crayfish

  • Try Make a scuba diver!

  • Stingray

HAPPY EASTER, Stay Safe and Kia Kaha

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