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Misunderstood – A Poem

I spend my life in the sea

Soaring and gliding,

Away from Orcas I flee

I don’t feel like having my liver eaten

No, not today

But the sand is so soft and warm

So for now, here is where I’ll lay

I spy a morsel of food

Hidden amongst the grains,

A nice bite puts me in a good mood,

But still you think I’m rather strange

I can’t help but laugh when I see you notice me

You cough and you splutter,

Your eyes, as wide as they can be

I watch as you throw yours arms up in dismay

But the truth is,

If I don’t like the look of you, I’ll just swim away.

Yes, I do have a barb

It’s on the base of my tail

It’s my defence, my only guard

Not for you, so stop looking so pale.

I’m not as scary as you think, you see

Watch as I fly

I like to be free

If you respect me, I’ll resect you too

I live in the ocean!

I’m quite the marvel, its true

So next time you’re out

And you see someone like me

Do me a favour

Let us poor fellas be!

We’re not out to get you

I promise, it’s true

Just give us some space

And we can be friends too

- Earl the Eagle Ray

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